Want and Need

Today I was thinking about wanting and needing.  How I want to do things like sleep, read, drink martinis, watch TV, you know.  Then there are things I need– like getting up early, moving my body, eating well, connecting with friends, and writing.  I just feel so much better in my life when I do the things I need.  I love the things I want, but I really need the things I need, in order to feel well– to feel like me.

Then, this morning, while I was inside the house letting the car warm up, an REM CD was playing in the car (brought it into the car, after not listening to it for years), so that when I got into the car and started driving, this song was playing– catch the line in there about “want and need” starting around 1:47.
There’s that serendipity stuff– love that!

I’m writing a book that I have put off for about a decade now, and I just keep moving through the days as if I won the lottery, like I keep remembering that the check’s been deposited in the bank.  I keep remembering how good I feel.  I’m just in a good mood.  And, I attribute a lot of this feeling to the fact that I turned toward this thing I needed to do, that was calling me, and I started doing it.  The only way I can really describe it is a feeling of peace.


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